The Seven Core Principles To Multiply Your Trading Pips As A Forex Market Trader


Hello Dani Oh, Here, I hope you have been getting tons and tons of valued Forex market information from my site? In case you never know, I can help you get more juice in your Forex market trading career but then at some point, we need more oranges.

That being said I want to reveal to you my 7 core principles you or anyone can use to multiply trading pips on regular basis as a Forex market trader.


Forex Market Trading: Forex market trading is the largest and biggest financial trading market in the world today with over $4.5 trillion being traded on daily basis. Through my personal experience is not a get rich quick scheme, is not a push button secret money-making program, is not even another money betting game some people believed it to be. Forex market trading is the world largest and biggest financial market currently exchanging over $4.5 trillion on daily basis. Through failing, trading mistakes and trading errors I have come to know that Forex market trading has only four core pillars for anyone to be very successful. It’s not a matter of how, but when do you find out that it only requires these essential four pillars to be who you have ever wanted to be in your Forex market trading career.


1. The proven trading system.

2. The proven Forex market plan.

3. The proven Forex market trading money management.

4. The proven Forex market trading rules and personal discipline to stick and follow the trading system and plan regularly no matter what happens.




PURPOSE: As a Forex market trader, what is your purpose in life?

What is your purpose in joining this great financial career?

What was in your mind when you say to someone I am a Forex market trader?

What is your interest?

What is your goal for joining this journey?

Is it just for the money it promises, is it just the glimmering brand name?

Is it just the financial hopes and dreams that someday you will be rich through Forex market trading?

What is it, my friend?

Is it because you need an extra money to pay off your debt and bills?

Anyway whatever the reason you might have to these questions, just listen up very carefully especially the need for money to pay off your personal debt and bills, I have good news for you because ‘’The Forex market doesn’t care how you feel, your need for an extra money.

The Forex market doesn’t feel the need for your financial support.

The Forex market doesn’t feel the need that someone like you need something and that thing is very important is nonexistence.

Amazingly, let your personal purpose go beyond the need for money to pay off your debts and bills. You see, you must love what you do, that others can benefit from regardless of the monetary rewards.

In Forex market trading, it is your passion, determination, focus and the will to do all that it takes to become successful in Forex market trading. Your personal purpose to Forex market trading is the first core principle of successful Forex market trading nothing more to this, no hype, miss information, no push button magic and no B.S and fantasies.

RESPONSIBILITY: In life, no one succeeds in anything, be it career, profession, passion, dreams or aspiration without first taking responsibility to push forward during setbacks and storms.

No one will do this for you, to succeed in life, through personal experience I believed that people can do anything for you to succeed, go any length to see that you succeed in life but then when it comes to talking massive responsibility, the only one left to do the damn thing is you.

You, of course, you see my friend as the saying goes ‘’ you can only take your beautiful donkey to the stream but one thing you would never do is to force your beautiful donkey to drink from the stream’’ you heard me right, the responsibility to take massive decision of what currency pairs to trade, what time frame to trade, what lot size to trade, what stop loss and take profit to choose and the right time to pull the buy and sell trigger depends sole on you my dear gentle Forex market trader.

This is absolutely your personal responsibility, your ability to take charge of what kind of successful Forex market trader you want to be from now on. Nothing comes close to your responsibility to take charge of your own trading destiny down to the money management system.

For me, this is your second core principle to multiply your trading pips.


TRUST THE SYSTEM AND PROCESS: Amazingly, this is the bedrock of any great Forex market trader you see out there. There may be hype, push button stories and pips dream fantasies but the truth remains undiluted until when you found out by your self that the secret recipe is in your ability to trust the system and process. I simply want you to know that your personal trading success lies in your ability to trust your system and process.

You see, the likelihood of your existing open trade to turn into a profitable trade is based upon the trust you have built following your system and process.

One thing the forex market will never do is to respond to your desires and want, that something is very important to you is nonexistence to the Forex market. You built the system, you developed the process and now is the time to simply sit down and trust the whole system and process.

The system is what you created out of emotionless analysis, research, calculations, and methods. Your trading system and process to multiply your trading pips involves,

1. What kind of Forex market trader are you? Fundamental or Technical?

2. What form of Forex market trader are you? Scalper, swing or long-time trader.

3. What kind of currency pairs do you love trading? Eur/Usd, Usd/Chf, Usd/Jpy etc

4. What lot size are you comfortable with? 0.10, 0.50, 1.0 and 2.0 etc

5. What is your risk money management in terms of stop loss, knowing full well you’re ready to lose and risk this certain amount of money if the current trade goes against you?

6. What is your trade profit target tolerance? Are you the greedy fellow that allows earned profits to reduce?

7. How many days in a week do you trade? Which days are you comfortable to trade being aware that money is involved.?

Here is what your trade calendar should involve (Mondays and Fridays as less trading days, in fact, your trading time on Mondays and Fridays should be between 9am – 12noon EST as most by 2pm EST all your open trades should have been close to avoid high jump of excessive pips on the opening of a new trade week. Avoid this high jump opening trade weeks and thank me later.

8. Get a proven Forex trading system you know someone is already profitable with. if you already have one proven trading system then stick with it.

9. Finally, my advice to you is to be discipline and develop a highly effective personal set of rules that will govern you as a Forex market trader to enable you to stick to your proven trading system, plan, and process.

Remember it is not the profit destination you look forward to, rather it is the trading process, the journey that matters, stick with it and be successful at the end.


INTEGRITY: Previously you heard me talk about trusting the system and process, as a Forex market trader it is the proven system and process that will get you where you’re going. It is not the ‘’Hype, Holy Grail’’ fairy tale or wishes and B.S that is not realistic in Forex trading.

Your integrity to follow through your proven system and process is what will guide and help you overcome all the trading loopholes and trading traps holding so many Forex market traders down. Your integrity to stick to your personal rules, trading plan and the process is the ‘’Ultimate Gold Mine’’ this is the only Forex market ‘’Holy Grail’’ if there is any such thing.

For me, so many Forex market traders have the best trading system in the world which has already been proven, great process to follow through, great money management to yield profits in every single day, but it is the integrity to stick to the system and process, the integrity to trust the whole proven system and process that is stopping them from becoming one of the worlds greatest Forex market trader of all time.

Have the integrity to trust the whole system and process, but never forget that ‘’Integrity is a big word so never expect it from cheap people’’ This is your Third core principle why so many Forex market traders are being stuck, frustrated and broke while trading the largest and biggest financial market in the world.


GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE: This will scare you down to your trading throat, but no matter what it is, just get out of your comfort trade zone.

The more you aspire for growth, the more you grow to whom you want to become. For me, comfortability kills desire, drives to attain a higher success in life.

Do something different, which are proven, calculative and reasonable but don’t aim too small as a Forex market trader. You can start by reducing your stop loss, increasing your take profit, adding one or more currency pairs, increasing your trading day and time.

More importantly, trade In control or your emotion not out of control.


ENTHUSIASM: In my own believe this is the right word that got me going during failures, mistakes and trading errors every single day. I blew up more than just one personal Forex market account prior to getting here. It wasn’t an easy journey but I’m happy I finally got here.

Now I can look back and say damn it, I crossed the Forex market trading loopholes, water, and sharks. I have come to realize that the Forex market trading is simply not for the poor, the needy or those wanting to gain so much without risking their piece of bread on the line for the birds to feed on.

The high-minded people simply don’t make it when it comes to Forex market trading. There are lots and lots of odds involved, one of them being that you should be comfortable with loses, you must be comfortable with sudden news, in fact you must be able to agree that the unknown could happen and finally you must agree that the Forex market has its own power to do whatever it wants, how it wants it and when it wants it without the need to know how you might feel about it.

But your personal Enthusiasm will win the trade battle over time if you faint not.

Your power of enthusiasm creates persistence to overcome the Forex market trading storms and waves that comes to the Forex market traders every single day unplanned and unexpected.

But being enthusiastic will bring you personal trade victories at the end. Always remember that whatever dominates your thinking brings with it the reality, so create from today whatever you want to see in your Forex market trading career life.


DO THE WORK: All work and no play make Dani a dull boy, but faith without works is dead and dead forever.

So, what it is then Dani? You may ask…

Just do the damn work, after getting the right purpose why you joined the largest and biggest financial market in the world, after taking responsibility to take action to build and develop a proven Forex market trading system and plan, you have got to trust the system and process as we have stated earlier, the integrity to stick and follow your set of Forex market trading rules and plan, It is time to get out of your personal comfort zone doing what is right that hasn’t been done before, now your personal enthusiasm create persistence that brings you Forex market trading victories if you faint not, but then all of these promises will mean nothing if you don’t find a way to do the work. ‘’period’’

Hype is over, storytelling is over, push button is B.S, Holy grail fairy tale is scam and garbage because of none of these things matters anymore when it comes to live Forex market trading because all will be thrown into the trash can where they belong. ”Period”

Your personal forex market trading success comes when you do the work, else as a Forex market trader, you will be a failure, broken, frustrated and be lied to believe in hypes, push-button magic fairy tale and holy grail B.S.

Did I ever tell you that Forex market trading ‘’Holy Grail’’ is a scam?

Yes, I did, It has never existed, will never exist and ever will be because I can bet one of my Forex markets accounts for it.


Finally, thanks so much for reading through and staying connected to this end, I wish you a Forex market trading success from now on because I have just given you the seven core principles to multiply your trading pips.




Talk To You Soon And See You Inside,

Dani Oh,

European Session Pip Earner And Coach

Helping You Financially


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