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Forex Trading Vs Stock Market: Personal Reasons Why I Choose The Forex Market Trading Career Over Stock Market

  So you want to be a Forex trader? I can hear you say yes! Do you know that Forex is not as easy as many or even you think? Do you know is not about the THESIS, PUBLICITY, AND THEORIES you hear out there? From products sellers or affiliates who never traded before all their life. Is not even the so called get rich quick scheme there is or has been everywhere on the web? Hello, […]

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Forex News- How To Make Trading Profit As A Fundamental Trader

  Forex news is vital information that tells the Forex investor what’s happening with the Foreign Exchange and also what’s going on in the world that could possibly affect how well or how poorly the currency market may perform. Knowing the news as it’s related to the Forex is something every smart investor will follow on a daily basis. Link(Forex Trading Book For Professionals) When you’re investing in the currency, you can’t be ignorant about the multitude […]

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The Best Forex Advice- Find A Mentor In Everything You Attempt To Do In Life

  Learning Forex the hard way (by losing your investment) doesn’t seem like too much fun, does it? To avoid making costly mistakes, there are several key pieces of advice you should know. This advice might not make you as rich as you’d like to be, but it can help prevent you from losing your shirt. (My Mentorship Trading Advice) 1. Know where you stand. For your best chance to succeed in Forex, know what your possibilities […]

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