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From: Desk Of Dani Oh

Author: Strategic Breakthroughs In Forex Trading

Trading Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Status: Highest European Session Pip Earner And Coach



Dear Forex Trader,

Thank you for visiting my Forex trading website today, you see you’re here now and I’m about to tell you something that can change your Forex trading career in less than 30mins…

I am about to make you a very big promise and you’ll save us both a lot of time and aggravation if you just accept what I say as truth.

The promise is: If you believe me, you will learn how to become very successful in your Forex trading career, but If you don’t, believe me, I will make you win my FREE E-book and Trading system to “prove” me wrong.

So By listening and taking all the actions, I suggest in the ”Strategic Breakthroughs In Forex Trading Presentation ” you will increase your personal trading knowledge and learn how to make more Pips by at least 45pips – 90pips!

Now I know you’re probably skeptical about this, but since I’ve helped so many clients make more money in their Forex trading … (please refer back to my sentence at the top of the page) I can get right into the stuff that, if acted upon, will start producing more trading income, faster than you ever imagined possible.

You won’t be working 80, 90 or 100 weeks to do this.

In fact … if you take the steps I’ve outlined here, you’ll actually be making a lot more pips with more financial autonomy, financial independence and financial security than ever before.

So instead of me spending twenty minutes showing you page after page of testimonies, case studies and real-life examples of successful members I’ve created over the past 8 years, I’m going to break one of my own rules and simply start showing you how to make more money trading the Forex market starting now.

By reading through the end of this page and acting upon the steps listed in the action section here, it’ll be like condensing a 5 days Forex seminar into just a few hours.

You’ll get the best of the best of what I’ve taught for more than 8 years.


So let’s get started…

I used to work hard, very hard as an Environmental Engineer, 9 to 18 hours a day weren’t unusual for me.

BUT, I never became truly successful until I started working less, much less I can say, Through A Strategic Breakthrough Discovery but before now I suffered a horrible lack financial situation.

In fact, I was broke and this was so serious that I was forced to close my lucrative day to day practice.

Talk about a shame, All the plans I had for my financial future were suddenly shattered and I found myself “JOBLESSFRUSTRATED, BROKE AND DOWN CAST ” Now here’s the crazy part.

This “Seeming” Misfortune suddenly Became The Cause Of My Present Forex Trading Success. A steady pips cashflow to my bank account even while I trade my personal Forex account.


Here’s Why…

It forced me to pursue Forex Trading Career, You see I dabbled in online Forex market trading while as an Environmental Engineer, but due to my long work hours, it was merely a hobby.

Then, with my lack of cashflow lifestyle, bills keep pouring in and a growing family depending on me, I can’t afford to fail.

Fortunately for me, I devised a “Proven Trading Strategic Rules to my Forex trading career, requiring only 1Hour time frame a day.

Little did I know then, that this discovery would eventually make me successful, very successful I mean.

How powerful are these Strategic Breakthroughs In Forex Trading?

You may ask…

“A Holy Grail Guide For Me” if there is such a thing, So powerful that I’ve used it strategically to double my trading money in as little as 90-days, trading only 1hour time frame daily.


The purpose of this presentation is to show you where to look, exactly where to turn to ensure that more pips are staring you in the face and how to grab as many as you can while you still have the chance to do so.

This is my reality and while you probably feel that it is impossible, the truth is it’s so real and it’s happening every day.

And remember, I talk from a proven practical Forex market trading experience.

I came, saw and took what was rightfully mine, so believe it or not the money is there and will be there for years to come at least for the few who knows where to look.

And while the gap between me and you might be immeasurable in some ways, you should never forget; you are reading this presentation now to join me and copy exactly what I do at the office and home using my personal computer, internet, and personal Forex account, then the transition might be far quicker than you had ever imagined provided you have the heart to follow my lead.

Truthfully, you would never have guessed any of this unless I told you.

Right now, it probably feels like you could never achieve your Forex trading goals And the way you are going, I must admit it you are probably right.

There is only ONE way for you to accomplish your goals;

you need a strong proven Forex market trading book with truth, that until now have been hidden, a trading education and proven information that is literally hidden in Forex market trading communities.

Is ok, is never your fault, I Never told you this before NOW.

But I’m here now to put an end to all the hidden truth and information in forex market trading which you never knew.

Believing me as your Strategic Breakthroughs Forex Trading leader will open up a whole new world of forex trading success for you and your friends if you have one.

Paying off your outstanding bills and debts will be an exciting exercise for you to do, without fear of lack of money.

So remember my promise to you, I am here to help you, making you become successful in your forex trading career in less than 30days starting now.

Leading you by the hand will be my personal joy in fulfilling my career dream but then a little action is needed on your part in making the promise a reality in your life.



Nine Real Different Opportunities And Benefits When You Purchase My Strategic Breakthroughs In Forex Trading Book As My Next Success Forex Trader


1.  Ability to Trade your personal live money.

2. Ability to control your lack Of personal Forex education.

3. Your ability to control your personal emotion.

4. Your ability to control your personal greed.

5. Your ability to control your personal procrastination.

6. Your ability to control your personal assumption.

7. Your ability to control trading without stops (SL/TP).

8. Your ability to control your lack of money management.

9. Your ability to control your lack Of Forex trading plan.


Which of these trading traps here confront your personal Forex trading personalities?

One of these trading traps could be handled easily but more than two could be the roadblocks holding you from becoming a successful Forex trader or moving from a demo loser Forex trader to a live profitable Forex trader.

‘’You see my friend, you can only squeeze so much juice out of the same orange, I can help you get a lot more juice, but then at some point, you need more oranges.’’



You Must Have A Good Proven Trading Book For Your Forex Market Trading Career:

You see the worse reasons most people trade the Forex market are:

Reason One: Someone showed up at their door to sell them another new Forex market trading Book they don’t know about.

Reason Two: They want to make more money from the Forex market, they want to pay their personal bills and debts.

‘’You see, the likelihood of the Forex market responding to you because you want something and that something is important to you is non-existence’’ Period.



Success Orientation:

Two Simple Steps Process To Trade Successfully

1. Get A Great Forex Market Trading Book.

2. Develop The Skill To Put The Forex Market Trading Information To Profitable Use.


Failure Orientation:

Quick Quiz: 1

Why do so many Forex traders fail when the Forex Big Dogs come to town for seminars and new Book launch?

1. Forex Big Dogs personal trading Book and knowledge?

2. Forex Big Dogs high-quality trading Book displays and attractive merchandising?

3.  Forex Big Dogs results prove and testimonies?

4. Failure orientation of beginner forex traders?


All Forex Big Dogs really have to do, to dominate many Forex traders mind is to greatly announce their new Forex market trading book launch, big trading results, testimonies around town, doorsteps and websites…

When this happens many ‘’Forex traders give up their Forex market trading book and trading education because they think the Forex Big Dogs trading book will be their next ‘’Holy Grail’’ information that will reveal to them the truth about the Forex market trend.


Education And Trading Book:

As a forex trader, if you aspire to a great trading career, it might be useful to carefully consider the foundation of all trade success ever recorded in Forex trading history.
What’s meant by this is that Forex market education and a trading book are the life-blood of any great Forex trader.
Look at a couple of examples out there and see if you agree.



And Now!

My Next Big Introduction…


What does your office, your trading career, your mind look like compared to this?

The final principle I’m going to share, that will help you increase your income is the need to have an Environment that frequently and consistently gives strategic reinforcement.

You need the power of a place where the ambitious striver, the creative visionary, the starter-of-many things, the serious student, the wealth-seeker and great Forex trader is NOT “odd” or ridiculed and criticized.

You need a place where these people congregate, learn and grow, collaborate, are encouraged and celebrated.

At a minimum, you need to be listening to cd’s, reading newsletters, meeting with like-minded individuals, attending live events and constantly giving yourself a consistent message about what you’re trying to do.

My final thought will be this but it’s an important one, “What is dominating your thoughts, controls what you get!” So now write down what you want to get, what you really, really want and why, and put it on your wall so you can be super-focused on what’s truly important to you.

So now you’ve been through my “Strategic Breakthroughs In Forex Trading Presentation” and you’re probably feeling pretty good.

You’ve got juices flowing and trading ideas sprouting. You’re rearing to go out to your trading platform and change your Forex trading career, your life and possibly even the world. However, you’ve felt this way before and you still find yourself here…

So I’m going to ask you what’s going to be different this time?

What are you going to do so that 6 months, 1 year, five years from now you don’t find yourself reading a presentation looking for the answer about how you can change your Forex trading life and career?


The Answer Is Below…




Your Benefits And What You Will Discover As A Forex Trader Now


1. You will start making money when I show you what form of Forex trader you’re and what to do about it.

2. You will discover why your personal trading desk affects how you trade and your money making.

3. You will discover the five important trading tools you need as a Forex trader.

4. You will understand how to use Forex indicators no one uses to make trading profits.

5. You will discover how to profit using Technical Forex indicators.

6. You will understand how to make money by minding your trading language.

7. You will discover how you don’t think money but think point.

8. You will discover how to overcome your personal fear, emotions and start making more in your trade starting today.

9. You will discover the One most profitable time frame every Forex professional uses.

10. You discover the most profitable days and days to avoid as a Forex trader.

11. You will discover how to destroy your 4 psychological Forex enemies stopping you from making profitable trades today.

12. I will show you how to use an average trading tool, an indicator to make an outstanding profit starting now.

13. You will understand how you can be your own boss trading the world largest financial market of all time.

14. I will show you your 8 Forex trading enemies, personal attitude, and character holding you back from making profitable trades as a trader.

 And much more you will discover in these books by yourself that I didn’t mention like the six main reason why most Forex market traders don’t stick to their trading system, plan and what to do about it.





Strategic Breakthroughs 

In Forex Trading Book’‘ 


The Only Complete Strategic Rules Book Left For Any Beginner Or Frustrate Forex Trader To Improve And Succeed In Forex Trading Career Today, PLUS Knowing What Currency Pairs, Time Frame  And Days To Trade Than Ever Before… 











No-Risk Unconditional 

100% Money- Back Guarantee


Strategic Breakthroughs In Forex Trading Book Comes With My 100% Satisfaction Or Your 30Days Money Back Guarantee.

It works like this:
If for ANY reason you aren’t happy with Strategic Breakthroughs In Forex Trading Book

Just email me at


And I will refund you in full, No questions asked.

I only want to satisfy my customers and make them happy.




P.s.– If you want a radically different approach to Forex trading that makes your trading career infinitely more fun, and increase income exponentially with less stress and struggle- then this Strategic Breakthroughs In Forex trading book can totally change your trading income, your trading status and your day to day trading experience virtually overnight.

P.s.s- Remember Strategic Breakthroughs In Forex trading book is how you can become an online professional Forex trader in less than 1 week starting now, plus making at least over 45pips  – 90pips in 1hour, 4hours and 1day even if you have no trading experience or you’re ready to quit your Forex trading career today.

P.s.s.s– Do not put this offer off today, Strategic Breakthroughs In Forex trading book will intentionally help generate over 45pips – 90pips almost 1hour for you when you buy today…

Even up to this point, you may have some doubt whether this complete Strategic breakthrough In Forex trading book can live up to my claims. And I completely understand that. After all, you may not know me.

So please, let me take all the risk.

I want you to test this Forex information’s out at my expense!

If, for any reason you decide this trading book doesn’t meet your exact needs, simply ask for your money back and you owe nothing.

There will be no questions asked and no hassles.

There are no strings to this offer.

That’s because I’m confident you’ll be thrilled with your results from using them. But you really have no way of knowing that yet, so I want to eliminate all worry for you.

Go ahead, order this book right now and use the techniques I stated for you inside.

If you’re not absolutely 100% satisfied with what it’s done for you, just ask and you will receive a full and total refund. Period. Absolutely no questions asked.

That’s more than a guarantee, that’s a personal promise.

And since you took the time, effort, and faith to give my book a try, I want you to keep the bonus FREE FSP FOREX ROBOT AND INDICATOR gifts– free of charge, even if you decide to take advantage of the 30-days money-back guarantee.







Talk To You Soon And See You Inside,

Dani Oh,

Highest European Session Pip Earner And Coach

Helping You Financially

Author: CashForex Portfolio Trading Book. 

Author: Strategic Breakthroughs In Forex Trading Book.