Profitable Forex Trading System- Why I Decided To Hire The World Best Bearish Investor As A Mentor


You see, not making personal consistence profit withdrawal has become an untouched personal topic among many currency traders in the age we live in…

Most times, I am glad that I was mentored by the world best currency bearish trader of all times, the thought alone makes me succeed even more.

He taught me the way most Big Dogs approach the currency market different from the rest of the market traders and investors of this age.

When I started imagining and wondering how come with all the accolade and knowledge he has acquired in this time yet he never invest his capital as a bullish trader and investor as many do these days.

This attitude of his kept me wondering why, why and why he decided to be a bearish investor.

But today his bearish strategies has become a powerhouse to my bearish and bullish pips strategy to many cashcows.

Looking back now, I’m grateful that I was not mentored by who I called my assumed mentor who never succeeded as a trader let alone as an investor of this age.

I keep saying everywhere I go that my assumed mentor who never had what it takes to mentor me failed as a profitable market trader.

He lacks proven market knowledge and skills of what the market wants especially a profitable proven trading system.

Looking back now, I could feel his heartbeat telling himself with a little voice why he is doing everything well, yet he is still struggling as a wannabe currency trader.

A legend, finally turned to be the world best mentor showed me how to be successful with simple proven tools, he never talks about free downloaded tools, he never tries asking someone what is the direction of the market let alone putting his hard-earned cashcow on the line for just what someone else said about the market.

I learned so much from my mentor, especially the need to use only the profitable trading system and never try to reinvent the market trading wheel as many do these days.

The world best bearish trader and investor who turned out to be my adopted mentor taught me the only way to be a successful currency trader and an investor is having a proven profitable trading system and every other thing remains fairytales.

But today little did I knew then, that I would finally create the world best currency trading system of all time, a system which my adopted mentor wasn’t able to make, create or imagine possible.

As a mentor, he preached setting a reachable trading target pips goal of 25pips to 45pips daily but today as his successful student I have not only broken the limit of 25pips to 45pips but have actually scale even higher to 75pips to 95pips on daily basis. (Non-repaint Forex Trading Indicator)

I believe all these daily pips success target wouldn’t have been possible has he not proved to me that a profitable proven system is everything that leads to personal long-lasting success in currency trading business.

If you want to succeed and have profitable long-lasting results, different from the rest traders, then do something different which the rest currency traders never seems to understand and do themselves.

Go out and go get yourself a proven mentor, even if he’s untouchable.
This will intentionally help limit your financial loss pain and stress at the end.

And finally, when I was asked the secret ingredient that leads to my personal long-lasting success in Currency market trading and Investing, my answer was simple and direct, void of selfishness, emotion and personal assumption.

I knew then as I know now that my personal success secret sauce was simply based on a tested and proven currency market trading system which has only 5 step processes. (My Guaranteed  2Weeks Forex Market Trading Coaching Class)

I heard about the fairytales, the magic system, the miracle-free download tools, the Holy Grail stories, and push-button gambit, but all of those things never last due to the Big dogs never forget to change the market puzzle like the sea waves from time to time.

Even from the time Immemorial, I did remember that the mighty currency market never cares about anyone, how anyone feels, it simply does what’s best for business.


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I want to see you succeed in life and at trading.

Talk To You Soon And See You Inside,

Dani Oh,

European Session Pip Earner And Coach

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