Positional Authority Definition: Advantages And Dangers Of Positional Authority


What Is Positional Authority, My Friend?

From the desk of Dani Oh, Positional authority is the authority you get from your title and the location of your office (reporting to the Governor, for example).

A. Historically, you had to have a position of authority to be considered a leader – just like in the military.

B. In the Internet Age with communication being so easy to achieve, we are starting to see the emergence of thought leadership.

One person with an ability to write can influence the industry with something as simple as a blog.

However, positional authority is still the most common underpinning of authority.


Direct And Order Versus Ask, Plead And Cajole:
If you have positional authority, you can direct that things be done at least using the resources assigned to you.

This seems like the logical method of management to a person with a military background, but if you try it at a university the best possible outcome you would receive is “let’s discuss this.”

The leader needs to balance persuasion, asking, even pleading with their directive management style. Affiliate Link(The World Of Numerologist)


Positional Authority In A Team-Oriented Environment: 

Self-managed team leaders lead without positional authority. In the self-managed team leader role, the leader decides to permanently or temporarily set aside positional authority and to move inside the workgroup to provide direction, communication, group process facilitation, coordination, and support.

When a leader has not been delegated positional authority from higher-level management and is a member of the workgroup, none of the traditional issues related to positional authority are present. Affiliate Link(Goal Setting Software For High Achievers)

C. This is not a common approach in an information security or compliance business unit because of the need for accountability to comply with governing regulations.


Dangers Of Positional Authority:

When someone has a higher position or more authority than you, the automatic trigger is that whatever that person says must be true.

The FAA found that many errors by flight captains were not challenged or corrected by other members of the crew.

This blind obedience to position and authority resulted in catastrophes.

One airline, concerned about this evidence, tested their own flight crews via flight simulators.

They created conditions that would lead to mental overload and emotional stimulation. Link(Reality Bending Secrets For Positional)

The captains (in one study) would make fatal mistakes at a critical moment.

The airline was shocked to find that 25% of the flights would have crashed because the subordinates did not take corrective action and challenge the position of the plane’s captain.


Here’s How To Become This Kind Of A Leader:

1. Practice what you preach. In other words, lead by example.
2. Honor your word. When you say you’re going to do something, do it. No exceptions.
3. Be real. Drop the chest-thumping bravado and ego-driven head games.
4. Give credit to others and accept blame yourself. Most leaders do just the opposite. Link(Lost Ways Survival Secrets)
5. Say sorry. When you make a mistake, admit it, openly and honestly.
6. Never give up. Cling to the courage of your convictions, even (especially) when things go bad.


Summary: The effective manager has to be brutally honest with themselves, and understand their mindset and their ability to affect change.

As you work through the abundance of budgetary, technical, and management information in your profession, it is important to understand where you are now and where you need to grow.

This will help you to periodically develop a “short list” of things you want to ask, change, or implement. Stephen Northcutt

Your goal as a leader is to find ways to increase both your personal and positional power in order to influence your organization to improve its security posture. Personal power is gained through knowledge and experience.

Positional power is based on your position within the company. Link(Positional Manifestation Miracle)

Team members are more likely to be influenced by personal power, and upper management is more likely to listen if you have the positional power to back it up.





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