Online Currency Trading- The Reasons Why Most Traders Fail In Their Online Currency Trading Journey


Hey Dani here, and I have lots and lots of awesome stuff to share with you today, things related to online currency trading, the reasons why most traders fail in their Online currency trading journey and in series there are…

1. Persona Emotion.

2. The Fight For The Money.

3. The Lack Of Proper Mentorship.

4. The Search For Free Profitable Trading System.

5. The Inability To Accept Personal Responsibility But Blame External Factors.



As a professional Online currency trader, one important thing I have always wished for is that someone had told me the truth when I first started out even though my assumed mentor who never succeeds but gave up as an online currency trader at the very end was that.

There will always be that personal emotion when it comes to trading one’s real money as an online currency trader, emotion always steps in the way.

 You can’t trade without personal emotion in online currency trading but at some point, you have got to work on yourself to make that proper and accurate trading judgment from time to time thereby trading in control of your personal emotion.

As an Online currency trader, personal emotion is one and the greatest enemy of any successful online currency trader you see out there.

You can’t trade without it, but you can trade in control of your temper and against your trading emotions when it set in the way.

Personal emotion can be positive or negative depending on how one manages it as an Online Currency Trader.

So in my opinion and view, is always there combating with any online currency trader but then it is the management of one’s emotion in online currency trading and during trading that makes all the difference.

You can’t trade outside of it or without it but you can trade in control of it based on your personal emotional management skill and strategy.

So finally, do yourself some favor to work on your personal emotion by making proper management of it.



You see, I can honestly tell you everything from self-delusion to fantasy and then to trading realities.

Every online currency trader want that online currency trading money, most want to hit it big, some needs it just to pay off some bills and other emotional needs but whichever one that you personally identify with doesn’t matter or mean a thing to me, for me agreeing the fact that there is a fight for the money is fine for me.


1. Have you heard the saying that money does not grow on trees?

If yes, then what comes first in your mind when you hear such? but many things have been made out of trees with which was sold to get even more money at the very end.

2. Have you heard some telling you about the fast online currency trading system? The push button fairytales, which means buy, install, attach and profit without any human effort?

All these shining object syndromes are lies, scams, and fairytales that shouldn’t have come into the online currency trading industry in the first place.

But believe me, I have seen it all, believe it or not, these non-profiting online currency trading system will always be there for those who lack guide, proper mentorship, and counsel to grab it with their own penny for a huge loss result.


Don’t fight for the money…

Fight to learn…

Fight to get the proper online currency trading education and mentorship…

Fight to get the proper profitable online currency trading system…

Fight to have that personal online currency trading discipline to trade as your Forex market trading says…

And then the money will follow in huge profitable pips for doing the first thing right.

Love the online currency trading business as a person with zeal and purpose not just for the money.

The trading result money is good and should be made by a properly trained online currency trader, not the other way round.

I have personally seen were online currency traders emotion steps in and causes the trader to make wrong trade analysis and judgment simply because of the fight for the money.

Loving the online currency trading career, doing the first thing right as an online currency trader will automatically bring in the profits earned money into your trading account on a consistency basis.



I can’t tell you how mysterious and Holy Grail mentorship is but I can honestly look you in the face and ask you

1. Who mentored you as an online currency trader?

2. Did you just dive into online currency trading on your own?

3. Who was your ideal online currency trading coach?

4. Who told you about the online currency trading business?

5. What online currency trading books have you read?

You see, I wasn’t just asking about the free eBooks you have been downloading all over the internet from one online currency trading site to another,


No; No No…

But I want to intentionally ask you how much in monetary value have you committed to investing in your online currency trading education?

You and only you know what the true answers are.

You need proper online currency trading guidance, mentorship, education for your personal long-lasting success.

There is always a price for success in every career and online currency trading is no different.

All I can say to you now is go get yourself a proven profitable online currency trader as a mentor to help and guide you in becoming a successful online currency trader of all time so as to save yourself from any now or future financial loss pain if you’re not already thinking you need to figure out how the online currency trading works own your own.

If you’re not already a profitable online currency trader, I say to you right now, stop trading from today, get off your trading desk and go get yourself a proven profitable trader as a mentor to make you a successful online currency trader so you could skip all the online currency trading learning setbacks other non-profitable traders are facing every single day.

This could be your breaking point to self-success.

Finally, when you do this simple act of justice to yourself today, you will thank me tomorrow for leading you this right pathway.



How many times have you heard someone asking for a Free profitable online currency trading system that will help transform his trading career?

I guess lots and lots of time, so here is the thing;

Don’t do it yourself, it kills one’s trading account.

You see my friend, in my previous post an article I wrote against the online currency trading push button system, the buy, install and profit without the online currency traders effort.

I have also talked about the traders seeking for a profitable Holy Grail trading system all over the internet to make that fast money from online currency trading.

All these that I have personally listed out here are the beginner’s distractions when it comes to real profitable online currency trading.

I have been there, I researched, I studied and I bought lots and lots of getting rich quick online currency trading system that I could set my eyes on those early days, but what exactly did I get in return?


Ask me?

Nothing actually, these are trader’s distractions and I call it fairytales and garbage that shouldn’t have existed in the first place.

What I’m about to tell you right here and right now is that there is no profitable push button or Holy Grail online currency trading system, that is so profitable without the online currency traders effort.

If there is anyone at all, you can tell me to go get it myself, these are all lies and scams.

You need to put aside every distraction and put in your own online currency trading effort in making your online currency trading dream a reality not a fantasy that cannot be achieved by you.

Are there profitable online currency trading systems out there?

You may ask…

Of course, there are, but as an online currency trader seeking long-lasting success you need a proven profitable online currency trading system which comprises only a five simple step process nothing more.

All which are featured in my 2 weeks Online currency trading coaching classes.

Finally, as an online currency trader, you only need a 65% -90% profitable online currency trading system with non-repaint characteristics to succeed and nothing more because it will not only save you from any online currency trading stress and money loss but will guarantee your personal trading success with a long lasting result at the very end

So this is for my friends who always seek for a Free profitable online currency trading system, stop it, do your self a favor if you’re serious about your personal success.

Invest in your online currency trading career by not seeking another free profitable online currency trading system that would eventually turn you into an overnight success from today.



1. Who is at fault, when you said you want to be an online currency trader?

2. Who is at fault, when you started your online currency trading without a mentors guide and proper trading education?

3. Who is at fault when you moved from one online currency site to another online currency trading site downloading and installing all kinds of free trading indicators and robots on your trading chart?

4. Who made the first buy and sell decision on your MT4 chart and who is to blame?

5. You see, we could go on and on and you will never agree and accept your were responsible for all these actions and tends to blame every other person and external factors except you as the online currency trader.

Get the proper online currency trading education, get a mentoring guide, get discipline and take responsibility as an online currency trader when things go wrong.

Don’t look for whom to blame without taking responsibility for your own actions as an online currency trader.

There are times when we all make that trade mistakes but that notwithstanding you and I must take full responsibility for whatever it is that has happened.

You see, accepting personal responsibility to make an adjustment to better trading days is one of the greatest gifts any online currency trader can have in other to succeed.

You must have a proven profitable online currency trading system for your trading career and ensure to stick within your laid out system plan when things go wrong.

This self-trading discipline will not only break the trading setbacks and difficulties that have been holding you back but now will intentionally push you over to the successful trading position and will also close those trading holes that holds lots and lots of online currency traders back without them knowing anything about it.

Finally, my trader friend, stick to your online currency trading plans and rules, except when you make that trade mistake, adjust and be flexible to learn new things which create profit as you move forward.

Take more time to go through this great mentorship guide and information again for the better trader version of you.






Talk To You Soon And See You Inside,

Dani Oh,

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