Forex Trading Vs Stock Market: Personal Reasons Why I Choose The Forex Market Trading Career Over Stock Market


So you want to be a Forex trader?

I can hear you say yes!

Do you know that Forex is not as easy as many or even you think?

Do you know is not about the THESIS, PUBLICITY, AND THEORIES you hear out there?

From products sellers or affiliates who never traded before all their life.

Is not even the so called get rich quick scheme there is or has been everywhere on the web?

Hello, Dani Oh Here, Look around you and you will agree with me that so many people have joined Forex market trading career for so many reasons.

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Many reasons that they can’t explain, See, Feel, Touch or Realized for themselves.



Forex Trading Vs Stock Market

I will Say Is Not Their Fault!

Is Forex Trading A Great Career?

Can You Make Money From Forex Trading?

Can You Become Discipline From Trading The Forex market?

Can You Become A Financial Millionaire At Forex Market Trading?

Can You Become Financially Broke From Forex Trading?

Can You Get To The Highest Or Lowest Point Of Forex Trading?

Yes, yes and yes ‘’ The answer to all these is yes’’

So what is the problem then! If there are so many great financial and personal development promises one can get from Forex trading?

My answer to this question is the lack of (proper Forex market education or mentoring from a great Forex coach)

I say these because the quality of your personal development or Forex market trading education will determine how far or well you will go in your Forex trading career as regards to your personal trading results on daily, weekly and monthly basis as a Forex market trader.



Forex Market Trading Process, Reasons Why I Choose The Forex Market Trading Career Over Stock Market

So in this article, I have included my Nine great benefits anyone can get or have access to by trading the Forex market.

I stated these Nine benefits in my Forex book and here again that Forex is better than stock, bond, future, commodity and every other financial activity in the world in the areas of as follows…

1. LEVERAGE: Borrowing trading fund from your Forex market broker.

2. VOLATILITY: The availability of money to be made from the Forex market.

3. 24HOURS: The Forex market never sleeps..never.

4. NO MIDDLE MEN: Anyone can have direct access to the Forex market.

5. NO MARKET SPOT: Anyone can trade the Forex market regardless of their location.

6. NO MARKET BELL: Anyone can trade the Forex market regardless of their time zone.

7. NO COMMISSION: There are no external Forex market trading charges other than the usual (BID/ASK=SPREAD) what the broker charges and how they make their money.

8. NO GOVERNMENTAL TAX: No monthly governmental tax for Forex market traders.

9. NO FINANCIAL LOSS IN STARTUP PRACTICE: Anyone can avoid losing their real money by testing the Forex market water through demo practice trading.

10. EQUITY: Anyone can start as little as possible from $10 -$100,000 account.

11. STOP AVAILABILITY: Anyone can control their trading loss or protect their capital through Stop loss and take profit).

12. And Much More Like Starting Up With Little Tools Like a Fast personal computer, fast internet connection, proper Forex market education and little initial capital to fund your Forex brokerage account. Link( X Scalper Trading System


Talk To You Soon And See You Inside,

Dani Oh,

European Session Pip Earner And Coach

Helping You Financially

Author: CashForex Portfolio Trading Book


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