Forex Trading Strategy That Works- The Real Truth About Forex Market Trading Holy Grail Lies And How I Found Out


Why you might never like to read this post to the end, believe me, I know what I’m about to say next, but that doesn’t change anything.

This is the truth, the whole, and the reality.

These so call ‘’Holy Grail’’ it’s all conspiracy for me and nothing more to it. So this post is simply an Anti ‘’Holy Grail’’ conspiracies created by the unknown in the Forex market industry and community.

There is no single Forex market trading ‘’Holy Grail’’ period.
Are you still here reading this post?

Hey Dani Oh Here, Was thinking you should have closed your browser by now for hearing this truth.
Believe it or not, but just take my word for it or take me to the Forex market trading court.
Anyway, I just came in from a wonderful chess club at 5 pm EST at the time of writing this anti-Holy Grail conspiracy post.

Believe me, I didn’t win today’s chess game challenge, it was a draw between us, though this was his first time he got a winning in two weeks. Stef was an old grandmaster who had played several chess tournaments for the Netherlands.
What did he say when I got my first victory?

He simply admitted that I was a great competitor even though he tried blaming his eye problem for his lost. You see that’s exactly what so many people do when they lost in their Forex market trading.

Anyway, that will be a story for another day, back to the Forex market trading strategy that works at any time and any day. The Forex market strategy that is not backed up by conspiracy and ‘’Holy Grail’’ falsehood.

Are you a beginner or an intermediate Forex market trader?  Whichever one you are, listen so you don’t get cut up with lies and shining trading system syndrome that is all over the Forex market community and internet.

Personally, I believed that so many ignorant and innocent people have all been lied to, I included when I first started out looking for the same proven ‘’Holy Grail’’ which never existed.

So you see my friend I have been where you are now and the great news is I am presently over here where you would want to be in a few moments from now after reading this post.

I have got some good news for you before the end of this anti ‘’Holy Grail’’ trading system post.

Like I said before this is a post against Forex trading system lies, system conspirators and those that never want you to find out the truth regarding keys to successful Forex market trading.



How it all began?

That was back in 2009 when I left the university but never want to work in the banking sector because I did actually have a favour to work in the bank. So here I met Philip at the ‘’Hotel Royal Damgrete’’ No: 13/16 Factory road, the first 3-star hotel in Abia state Nigeria which you can look up here (HRD)

They called it God’s own state, I don’t know why?

So Philip was the 2nd son of the state year commissioner of police. According to Philip, he told me he liked the way I operate and do my personal stuff exceptionally and he offered to be my friend.

Actually, this was the hotel both of us usually hang out to because he lived opposite the hotel.

So I accepted to be his friend and we became very good friends from that day.

That was it, long story short.

Fast forward to 3 months of our friendship, Philip invited me to be a great guest in his father’s house.
Philip told me how he needed my advise and help just like I’m helping you now and millions of other Forex market traders around the world to deal with this present virus called Forex market trading ‘’holy grail’’ system that the conspirators want you and other Forex market trader to believe and seek for through this post.


Was I surprised?

Of course not, so here I am with Philip after a warm and nice hospitality that he began telling me how he wanted to learn how to drive a car, how he wanted to go for his driven school since there were so many cars parked in his father’s large compound.

Philip’s father was the present commissioner of police so what do you expect?

What do you advise me to do he asked?

Just like so many Forex market traders have asked me, which is the best Forex market trading system? Which Forex market trading book do I recommend? Etc.

My advice and answers have always set them free from the Forex market trading roadblocks to successful Forex market trading after my 2 weeks Forex coaching.

Was it a magic button or ‘’Holy Grail’’ system that I offered to them?


Is More Better Than A Push Button And ‘’Holy Grail’’ My Friend.

1. It was a proven Forex market trading system that has worked for more than 15 years for me.
2. It was a proven Forex market trading plan.
3. It was a proven Forex market trading money management system that has worked for me and my students.
4. It was also a proven personal Forex market trading discipline and rules. An Act of belief to follow it religiously no matter what happens, I said Just stick with it and be consistent.

So back to my story with Philip, in conclusion, I did help taught him how to drive my own car. Please don’t mind, where I came from this could be allowed but don’t try it where you live because you could be detained and jailed for life. (Is this true?)

Anyway, he became an expert in 2 weeks, maybe there is something about me in making someone an expert in 2 weeks.


What did I ask in return? you may want to know.

The simple answer is nothing because we were good friends, you see I love helping people, I love putting smiles on people faces because that alone is my personal joy. Maybe I have not done that to you or to someone you know, but don’t worry because I can always do well to anybody that deserve my help.


Philip Thanked Me Happily, Smiling From Jaw To Jaw.

I was also happy seeing him drive different cars from that day forward and I was fulfilled for helping someone.

So this faithful day I was invited again to his father’s house and here I was in the sitting room as he went in to get me a drink that I glanced to these 8 Forex market trading mentoring DVD’s from the world-renowned Forex trading mentor Peter bain an expert in bearish market, he was and still the master of bearish market.

So I picked up these 8 beautiful packed Forex market DVD’s as Philip looked at me, though he was very surprised why I was smiling looking at these DVD’s when he asked a very simple question that changed my whole financial career and life till date.

Philip told me that these 8 DVDs was a personal gift from someone to the father but then if I would love to make a copy of it when he found out that I needed it, with a smiling face I replied yes Philip I would love to make copies of these 8 Forex market DVD’s because I have always wanted to learn about Forex market trading from the very best and here I am with the opportunity to learn from the master of bearish market.
Actually, my friend, this was another time in my personal life that I didn’t hesitate to say yes, I took this beautiful opportunity and made great things out of my life, career and my friends around the world.

You see, they said what goes about, comes around.

My personal help has paid off when God wanted it, so be cool and good to the people you might meet on your way when you have something they might need in life.

Always remember that with the help that I gave was reciprocated towards me by Philip, I have been able to change my financial life, career and help change the financial lives of my friends, students, clients and millions of people around the world through my 2 weeks Forex market coaching, teaching, books, and products.

I put it to you today; would you love to help someone in need if you can? You see only you know your heart answer to this question.

Find a mentor in everything you want to do in life before you set out to do them.
Mentors can help you so greatly, I promise you.

Thanks a lot for reading through this anti conspiracy and anti ‘’Holy Grail’’ trading system post.

But then if you are still wondering hey Dani Oh but where is the proven Forex market trading strategy you talked about?

Here is the second version of the same anti Forex market trading ‘’Holy Grail’’ system

1. Proven Forex markets trading system.
2. Develop personal skills to use the proven Forex market trading system which is a proven trading plan.
3. Proven Forex market trading money management.
4. Proven set of rules, discipline to follow these set of rules and trading plans religiously.
5. Do whatever it takes to stick to these set of rules.
6. And finally you must be ready to do the damn work, there is no push button or ‘’Holy Grail’’ system to Forex market trading success.

It’s all bullshit, total garbage and lots and lots of trash that needs to be thrown into the trash can. It has never existed and will never exist because I can bet one of my Forex market trading account on it.
So thank you once again for reading through and believe in me.




Talk To You Soon And See You Inside,

Wishing You Success In Forex Market Trading Strategy That Work.

Dani Oh,

European Session Pip Earner And Coach

Helping You Financially


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