Forex Market Trading: What I Would Have Done Differently All Over Again


Hello my friend, It’s a very beautiful day here in the Netherlands, a great week, month and seasonal Forex trading discovery for me personally.

Have you read about my Forex market trading journey on how I got started trading in the Forex market?

Have you ever been to the Netherlands?

It is absolutely a great country for everyone, this is just my personal experience anyway.

The birds are everywhere and there is lots of sunshine out there.

You see my friend as a Forex trader who has had failures upon failures, errors, and mistakes and now has taken these setbacks and errors and turn them into Forex market trading success stories and achievements.

Beyond the scope of this article, my Forex market trading success and trophies are basically things I should have done differently if I have to start all over again as a Forex market trader.


My Personal Success Orientation


Quick quiz: 1:
Do you know why so many Forex traders fail when the Forex Big Dogs come to town for seminars and new product launch?

1. Forex Big Dogs’ personal trading system and knowledge?

2. Forex Big Dogs high-quality trading system displays and attractive merchandising?

3. Forex Big Dogs results prove and testimonies?

4. Failure orientation of beginner Forex traders?

All Forex Big Dogs really have to do to dominate many Forex trader’s minds my friend, is to greatly announce their new Forex trading system launch, big trading results, testimonies around town, doorsteps and websites…

When this happens You or many ‘’Forex market traders give up their Forex market trading system and trading plan because they think the Forex Big Dogs trading system will be their next trading ‘’Holy Grail’’ that will control or dictate the Forex market trend every now and then.


My Personal Failure Orientation

Listen, My Friend, Failure Orientation Is When You Are Controlled By External Circumstances.

Next time you’re bemoaning adversity, lack of resources or feel you need to confirm, these are signs of failure orientation.

Just ask yourself “where’s the profit in that?”

Successful trader, when faced with adversity sees opportunity through creativity and action.

Successful traders, when they lack resources become resourceful and look for new ways to use old items, systems, skills and people.

When everyone is trading to be the same, successful trader find ways to do the opposite and be unique.

There’s a reason it’s called a ‘’Unique Trading Proposition’’ and not a’’ why I’m using the same trading system as everyone else’’.


My Personal Trading System And Trading Plan

As a Professional Forex Trader, I found out that if you aspire to a great trading career, it might be useful to carefully consider the foundation of all trading success ever recorded in Forex trading history.

What’s meant by this is that a system and a trading plan are the life-blood of any great Forex market trader. Look at a couple of examples out there and see if you agree. (Get CashForex Trend Indicator Here)


My Personal Sticktoitiveness

You see my friend, while this word isn’t scientific, is very real and it is the reason why most Forex market traders fail at most everything they do!

Admittedly this one is a little harder to quantify, but many of the traits that make most traders successful are hard to quantify. The bottom line though is this… if you never have a system and a trading plan and never give it time to work, you are going to fail at most everything in terms of Forex market trading.

I Can Say You Need To Create A Plan, And Then Stick To It.

Most systems DON’T work overnight but need Refining and Revamping.

What Forex trading plan, initiatives or systems you have started in the past and then abandoned?

List Three Of Them Below

1. ……………………………………………………………

2. ……………………………………………………………

3. ……………………………………………………………

Now that you’ve listed three of them, circle the one that you feel is most promising and commit to creating a trading system around it.

Once you’ve created the trading plan, write down ALL the steps in the systems (you’re really creating a successful trading system here my friend) and then over the next 3 month’s evaluate each step and make changes, additions, deletions etc… until you’ve got a reliable and predictable pips generating Forex trading system!

In order to develop more “Sticktoitiveness” it’s important to understand why most people fail to “stick to it.”    



My Personal Forex Market Trading Discoveries, Trading Principles, Thought And Findings

Here I will be revealing my personal Forex market trading discoveries, thought and findings based on my emotionless research and analysis as follows.

1. I Never start up with the four major currency pairs (Eur/Usd, Usd/Chf, Gbp/Usd and Usd/Jpy)

2. I Never add to any losing open trade (never) what is the point?

3. I Develop a profitable trading plan and system.

4. I Start small, go slowly and be determined to fail.

5. I Never fear loss; it is part of the trading game.

6. I Never hope or believe in a 5/5 or 10/10 profit target (biggest conspiracy ever)

7. I Never trade without proper money management.

8. I Never trade with personal emotions.

9. I Never trade without trading stops (stop loss and take profit)

10. I Never trade without a daily trade set target.

11. I Never believe in trading shinning object syndrome.

12. I Always study to know my technical trading indicators.

13. I Always study and believe in my Forex market trading discovery.

14. I Always study to know better than my past trading experiences.

15. I Never believe that Forex market is a get quick rich scheme.

16. I Never forget that better and bigger pips are ahead.

17. I Never believe in only one better trade, more trade are coming.

18. I Believe I can discover and learn as I trade the Forex market on a daily basis.

19. I Know success is a determination that good trades are ahead.

20. I Never forget self-motivation and the creator who lives inside me as a Forex market trader.

And finally here you have it, My Forex Market Trading, What I Would Have Done Differently All Over Again. (Read About My 3 Forex market Coaching Levels Here)






Talk To You Soon And See You Inside,

Dani Oh,

European Session Pip Earner And Coach

Helping You Financially

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