Forex Demo Trading Success Secrets- How Long Does It Take An Average Joe To Demo Trade And Succeed In Forex Market Trading?

Hello my dear reader and friend, Dani Oh here, And welcome to today’s blog sensitive post.

How has your Forex trading journey been?



Whatever the case might be, it simply doesn’t matter for both of us now but then…

You see, what you do with what you have got is what is important not what you don’t.

When I first started, I was mentored for 2weeks period, did my Demo trading complete 3 months because I wanted to build a very solid personal career foundation that won’t collapse even when the Forex market wind blows.

My career has lasted simply because it was built on solid rock, and I know it.

I said to myself, Finally, I have found a beautiful and more interesting financial trading career that offers me more and more make money opportunities to make even more money when no customer buys from me.

Sure it took me years and years for me to figure it all out and now this simply doesn’t affect my personal monthly earning ability even when I locked up myself in a private room.

Forex market trading is a great market indeed with lots and lots of money opportunity rewards indeed that a trader makes more money even when the market is falling and rising.

Forex market trading is also a wonderful career with lots and lots of financial challenges and gain.

My first question to you will be, What will you do, if the Forex market trading system and plan that I have used for over 4years and still using now is the only thing you need to succeed in this financial market trading business within 2weeks?

What are you going to do?

Stay the way you’re and continue struggling?

Or get your own copy and start making daily profits system?

You said you want to be successful, now my question to you is; what is your trading system strategy like to become a successful Forex market trader?

This could be the very reason why you keep struggling for years to have success in your Forex market trading career if you’re not already successful. 

So go ahead, update your personal Forex market trading portfolio, knowledge and tools so you can have personal and lasting success in your trading career.

Come to think of it my friend and trader, we all want to make it big when it comes to Forex market trading, we want to earn bigger profits each and every single day, we want to profit big to be able to pay off our bills and personal debts, to show our sphere of contacts that we at least could make money from the Forex market, but one very important thing we don’t want to accept is that the Great Forex market doesn’t really care all about those shit that we really, really want.

It simply does what is best for business.

When we all accept this simple truth then our personal trading emotion takes on a whole new shape considering more important things that the great Forex market did need.

Always remember that the Forex market involves financial risk, and this financial risk could be bigger than personal financial gain from person to person.

Finally, you said I’m Trying to Go It on My Own way:

“I’m of average intelligence I can figure this out on my own.”

“These guys selling the Forex market trading system and information are just trying to make a buck off me.”

Especially Dani Oh.

“How hard can this be to figure out for a beginner?”

“I’m going to see what everyone else is doing and emulate it or even come up with my own, better way.”




And to be brutally honest with you my dear Forex market trading friend, you will fail.

The simplest advice from me to you now on how you can increase your Forex market trading knowledge, experience and have the guaranteed ability to profit in every single trade starting today is to hire a profitable track record Forex market trader as a mentor to mentor and guide you by hand.

Use the only available 2weeks success opportunity, Non-repaint Supply, and Demand Forex trading system and proven 5 Step process system and succeed once and for all.

Learn from today on how to remove the Demon of success holding many people and Forex traders back from reaching that brass ring call Self Trial and Error mindset.


Take away the wrong short cut to success imagination that never exists and will never because personal long-lasting success has a due price and everyone, small or big has got to pay theirs once in a lifetime.

Take away also the ‘’Holy Grail’’ Idol which never exist and will never exist.

We can finally take away the success hold back demon call The Push Button Fairytale which has never existed and will never exist as long as the Forex market is a concern.

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Wish you success as you take massive action now in changing how you see The Forex market trading and how you trade the Forex market from now on.

Talk To You Soon And See You Inside,

Dani Oh,

European Session Pip Earner And Coach

Helping You Financially


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