Discipline In Forex Trading- The Slow Wise Tortoise And The Fast Dog Forex Market Trading



Did you say the proven Forex market trading system?

Did you say the Forex market trading plan?

Did you say the proven Forex market trading money management?

Did you say the proven Forex market trading rules and personal discipline to follow through no matter what happens?


Hey, Dani here and I want to quickly tell you a story of the slow wise tortoise and the fast dog, which I was told as a little child.

You see, the slow wise tortoise in all of its stories with other related animals defeated them on one way or the other due to what they called COMMON SENSE (which by no means common) according to how I was told.

The story begins when the elders and king of the animal’s kingdom summon all the animals and ask them who would they sent to a far mission to inquire of the god of the land issues regarding man, animal, and plant.

The selection was made among the animal families for just this purpose and incidentally, the slow wise tortoise and the fast dog was appointed for this simple task.

You see, nothing was given to them rather than the two appointees proving (system, plan, management, personal rules, and discipline) to stay focus on the task ahead.

The rule and purpose of the task were very simple who among the two will go up to the god of the land, make inquire and return back home early.

This is the task, straight and simple.

So here is the thing, on the day before the journey the slow wise tortoise knew its stand no chance winning this mission simply because the fast dog will ultimately outrun and win, so it decided to map out a plan B for this mission.

The slow wise tortoise taught about the seed of distraction could be a winning streak for this mission against the fast dog.

Let’s see the outcome, the day of the journey has come and the animal drum and trumpet was sound, all the animals were summoned to the market square where safe journey songs will be lavish on this two creatures before setting off for this journey.

You see before the slow wise tortoise could know what is going on after the sweet songs off the fast dog went, therefore there is no more time saying anymore goodbye to friends and family by the tortoise.

This is actually a 6 days journey for these two wonderful creatures but the fast dog made it to the god of the land on the second day and on the same day begins his homecoming with joy and excitement for the gifts and prize which will be given to the one who arrives first to the animal kingdom as the king promised.


Where is the slow wise tortoise?

So many things had happened along the way while the fast dog left the kingdom of the animal, the slow wise tortoise seeing that being fast was it disadvantage compared to the fast dog, but that notwithstanding a lot of seed of distractions have been planted along the way by the wise tortoise against the fast dog in case if it returns home first, there was fresh meat laid along the way as a seed, roasted bushmeats placed along the way by the slow wise tortoise, dry meat and bones of various kind, there was bowl of water along the pathway, there was also mystery mirror along this same pathway which the fast dog has already passed but never saw.

Neither the rest of the animals knew anything about the seeds of distraction which was kept at a distance of 500 meters from each other except the slow wise tortoise.

The fast dog eventually passed the slow wise tortoise on the third day while returning home while the slow wise tortoise was still on the way to meet with the god of the land, it got there on the third day, meet with the god of the land, ask the required question given by the animal kingdom king and set off to return home, but something happened but then the slow wise tortoise wasn’t surprised that its plan worked, it was a deliberate act to achieve the noble price over the fast dog.

The slow wise tortoise passed another road making the fast dog think it still got more time to relax and enjoy the rest of the planted seeds.

So here is the thing the story ended with the slow wise tortoise arriving home before the fast dog which came home at night since it feels the slow wise tortoise was behind on this special mission.

The fast dog with all it brave nature and strength was defeated by the slow wise tortoise which had nothing but common sense which it reality it’s not common.

For me, this is just a pure knowledge when I was a child, but now I’m grown what could I learn from it?

What is the purpose of me telling you a story that I was told as a little child?

We will found out soon,



You see, to succeed and win profitably as a forex market trader, it is simply hard to say and agree upon but in reality that is the simple truth every successful Forex market trader friend will tell you.

The fast dog thought it had the slow wise tortoise were it wanted, but the slow wise tortoise knew it got a proven system for their mission.

Without a proven Forex market trading system, you will fail as a Forex market trader, if not now it will be tomorrow no matter the zeal, determination, information overload, you won’t simply succeed or reach your full potential as a Forex market trader.

There could be push-button fairytales, there may be holy grail bullshit, but then the story doesn’t always end well with you becoming very successful at believing all the scams and lies that’s all over the internet or the media.

It is just not true; you can’t beat the Forex market, so you will need a proven Forex market trading system to do just that.



Just like the fast dog, what proven trading plan do you have?

What exactly are you bringing on the market trading desk as one who wants to success or as one prepared to be profitable?

Here is a couple of real truth if you really care about succeeding at whatever you do regarding your Forex market trading, you simply need a proven Forex market trading plan to succeed in this trading business, else you will fail for life.

Just as the slow wise tortoise did to outsmart the fast dog, you also as a discipline Forex market trader needs a proven Forex market trading plan to outsmart the Forex market markers in becoming successful.



What are your money management skills as a Forex market trader?

Just as the fast dog had none, don’t be like it or plan to trade your Forex market trading account like that.

Things have intentionally changed.

You see without a proven Forex market trading money management, you as a Forex market trader will definitely fail just as the fast dog did compare to the slow wise tortoise of the animal kingdom.

Money management is a very complex word in Forex market trading but it needs to be broken down just as the slow wise tortoise broke its own at 500 meters apart from each other using the seeds of distraction against the fast dog.

To have a proven Forex market money management, you need a few low spread currency pairs to start with, you need to know if these currency pairs are profiting, you need to know based on your deposited capital what lots size to trade with, but then talking about money management, were your stop loss and take profit should be placed cannot be over emphases as never to loss more than 3% of your deposited capital in a single trade or in all your open trade because these two holds the loss and profit pillar when profitable Forex market trading comes to mind aiming and protecting between 25 pips, 35pips, 45pips and 75pips on daily average target.



There was a rule to go and return home for the outstanding prize to be given by the animal kingdom king, but then there was also a plan, strategies, and self-discipline displayed by the slow wise tortoise over its counterpart in other to win.

From our storyline between the fast dog and slow wise tortoise, you need to be the super focus at what it is you want to succeed at.

Not only stories of push buttons, theories but practical efforts should be employed. 

The slow wise tortoise holds self-rules, discipline and strategies in distracting the fast dog with lots of seed of distraction plus will motivation to stick to its plan and win despite being aware of the fast nature of the fast dog.

What would I say to you now my dear Forex market trader friend?

Do you have the personal discipline to succeed in this great financial trading business?

If Yes, Great

If No; WHY?

Then go out there and get yourself a proven profitable Forex market trader as a mentor to guide and help you in becoming successful at trading the market.

Finally, this right here would help in removing future years of financial loss pain, also helping to point you in the right direction as fast as possible.

For me, the fast dog never has self-rules as winning despite how fast in nature all of the animals assumed.

Also the fast dog lack self-discipline, motivation, and focus because it got distracted by the slow wise tortoise seeds of distraction while returning home despite the important task at hand.

This is not what you and I want as a Forex market trader seeking personal long-lasting success in our Forex market trading career.

This is the story of my childhood. 

Take this story that I got as a little child and do something meaningful with it as regards to your trading dream and career as a person seeking trading and career success.





Talk To You Soon And See You Inside,

Dani Oh,

European Session Pip Earner And Coach

Helping You Financially


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