Currency Trading Success- The Reason Why I Guarantee 2weeks Success To Anyone Is Because School Failed Me


I spent 6years in the university reading to be an Engineer in the Department of Environmental, it was a pretty nice class filled with beautiful ladies and handsome men.

I was not happy simply because I paid so much money to hear things that are simply not useful to me this day, things have changed drastically, everything has never been the same since I graduated as an Environmentalist.


I only had fun while in the university, simply because I go to the 500 lecture centers every morning ministering Gods divine word to students around the campus, this is only what gave me joy while in the university nothing more.

But for the academics, it was all bullshit, ”Holygrail” conspiracy and mind games, call it anything you want, it is.


I tried leaving the university as a first-class student but I didn’t simply because little did I knew then that it was all about cramming the old exam scripts.

But I was told I will be made success before leaving the campus according to their academic syllabus but things weren’t so.


Was I lied to?

Of course, I was lied to, by society, the university, and the environment.

The only person that didn’t lie to me, is me.


Absolutely, I spent six long years in the university studying crap, something I finally dumped into the trash can, and never looked upon again.

I was not made success in the university, period.

I was mind gamed to be an Employee of labor for someone else.

I thought I got it until I left the university, but then it was all built around fairytales which never existed before.


The school never made me a success, just like they promised me.

But today, the joy I got while saving the souls of men, bringing them to their creator while in the university is all I have got now.

School failed to make me a success for six longs years, and honestly, I don’t know who they have made success in life.

But the joy I got today that has filled my heart, bringing good tidings to the world.

You see, when God asked me what I wanted in life, I was straight, I knew exactly what I wanted, I told him I want to change people lives, I want to make them happy, I want to give them financial fulfilled life thereby living financial fulfilled life myself.


Fast forward to this day, did it happen?


Of course, it’s more than a reality show for me now.

Since school failed to make me a success after six long years, I shouldn’t fail myself, I have got to prove them wrong, I have got to stop the fairytales.

Now, I make more successful students and people in 2weeks.

I give more people financial fulfilled life in 2weeks than the university I attended for six long years.


I am so grateful I didn’t continue the fairytale of the school conspiracy.


My question to you now is…


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