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Like I wrote recently, that you should stop looking for a piece of free information or education that will lead or guaranteed your personal long-lasting success because most successes guaranteed education is paid, but not like your regular traditional school education you see everywhere. 

Though you could find some free advice here and there are you sure it will guarantee your success? 


Think and verify before using them.

Because the free giver might not have gotten it through free too.

You see, I don’t know any other way to succeed than doing the guaranteed proven work on a daily basis. 
So let’s keep winning and win together.
It is a perfect 10/10 today.

Here is the thing, I might be your future hero if you say yes.
So stop seeking financial freedom, it’s an elusion all I now know rather seek for personal financial confidence which is a secret to long-lasting success in a man’s life.

Don’t forget that a Great trading system is your personal money-making Funnel

So when you’re not making any money from trading it means that your funnel to make money from trading is broken, so just get your funnel fix and start making money.


It is that simple.

Bad and broken funnel = No money from trading.

As a professional currency investment trader, when traders told me that they are not getting a guaranteed 25pips, 45pips and 75pips on a daily basis I thought to myself what type of currency investment trading system do these traders have and trade with?

So here and now I personally want to introduce to you as my reader…


The Only Way Left For Little Guys Like Me To Get Rich Trading

Look at it this way, the 2 proven currency investment Robot system that I created and use generates a guaranteed 75pips or more each in a single day.

So let’s say you have a 500usd live account and with the cheap forex broker that I currently use because of their cheap pairs prices.

You can confidently trade a 0.15 lot sizes on these four cheap currency pairs every single day.

So looking at a daily possibility of the proven system in a single month.

1. 2 proven profitable currency robots.
2. Four currency pairs= EUR/USD, USD/CHF, USD/JPY, AND AUD/USD.
3. Four investment assets- x 2 fx robots = 8 Assets.
4. Guaranteed 75pips x 0.15 lot sizes = 11.25 USD/pair.
5. 75pips x 0.15 lot sizes x 11.25usd x 8 assets =90usd a day.
6. 90usd x 5 trading days = 450usd.
7. 450usd x 4 weeks period= 1,800 USD.


This is not a kind of rock science; it is just a guaranteed possibility for little guys like me.

Don’t reinvent the currency trading wheel, my dear friend simply follow an already proven pathway and become successful.

It might take you even longer than you think when you go on your own.

But I could even make you a simple 5 step process to success or give you a 2weeks guaranteed personal success, or even force you to succeed within 2weeks period.


But any which way you choose I can be your hero if you wish.

I might be your future hero if you say yes because I simply want you to stop seeking financial freedom; it’s an illusion all I now know but rather seek for personal financial confidence which is a secret to long-lasting success in a man’s life.

So my friend, do you think it is possible to succeed within 2weeks period?

Yes, of course, I do know it is very much possible my friend.

Because It took me over 5years to develop and created the world’s best 98% Non-repaint mathematical approach to anyone’s personal currency investment success within 2weeks period.

That it took me five years doesn’t mean that it should be your own lot too.

You see when I first started solving the trading equation and currency calculation problems; it was very funny to me at first.

But today I found out that it worked because it has not only turned illiterates, uneducated fellows and traders into rich currency investors within 2weeks but made me prove others who feel going to traditional educational college is what makes a person successful wrong.

I doubted myself at first but when I finally ended solving the currency trading equation, it summed up to this alphabetical order (A+B+C= ABC), (A+C-B=AC), (B+C-A=BC), (A+B-C=AB).

So Dani Oh does it mean you can guarantee to make anyone successful within 2weeks with your trading system?

Yes, it is so with my mathematical equation, it is just a simple 5 step process and bum anyone is successful within the 2weeks period.

So now ask you, can you prove me wrong?

Do you have what it takes to prove me wrong?







Talk To You Soon And See You Inside,

Dani Oh,

European Session Pip Earner And Coach

Helping You Financially



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