Currency Market Trading Success- The Reason Why Success And Result Getting Does Not Depend On Your Damn Skin Color


Life is to be lived with excitement and smile not the other way round.

You see, getting success in life and in any vocation which you belong to, depends on a system, it depends on a process and it should be repeatable by depending on doing it as a work, not theory and information overload.

Getting result out of your currency trading vocation means getting simple result shit done and not the other way round.

When you are successful in what you do by getting a simple result, automatically there will be a rub off of smile and happiness when you see someone else doing exactly the same as getting their own shit result done also.

Success and getting results out of your proposed vocation especially currency trading does not depend on your damn skin color, because this is one of the simple reason why so many fatcows and loudmouths fellows get upset and get frustrated when they see others getting a result in the same vocation which they themselves cannot show a damn cashcow for.

Accept it as a way of life, the result getting does not respect your damn skin color.

It is a system, a proven process with plan and action for doers, not for theory tellers or too much information garbage. (Speak to me face to face for 45mins)


The Forex market trading- the wrong mindset and mind viruses of newbie’s

For me, Is amazing how so many wannabes want so many freebies, from free currency market websites to free e-books, to a free trading system may be sorts of holy grail or push button trading indicators and robots for them to make lots and lots of cashcows from the currency market.

You see, one thing that is absolutely wrong with these freebies mindset is that these fellows and folks end up paying and spending so much of their hard earned money back into the currency market with these freebies mentality which takes them to nowhere near true personal long-lasting success in currency market trading.

I don’t blame these newbie’s or hold anything wrong against them for such a wrong mindset or mind virus. But for me, it makes no sense wanting to make more cashcows from the largest market and end up giving the very little that you had to the market because the great market doesn’t care about you or how difficult things are to you.


I have come to believe that personal long-lasting success in currency trading shouldn’t be a thing of mystery, fairy tales and push-button seeking sands


1. I searched for personal success for over 4 years.

2. I read free materials and e-books that led me to nowhere.

3. I downloaded free currency trading system and tools which were a wrong mindset and mind viruses spreading among many traders even now.

4. I doubted there will ever be a personal long-lasting success in currency trading.

5. I believed that something was wrong in forex trading career.

6. I believed that the Big dogs control the trading market.

7. I believe no little guy can make it until they die to try.

8. I never believe hiring the best currency mentor in the world would cure my mind viruses and save my trading mind and soul.

9. But then little did I know then that it would take an uneducated person only 5 step process to succeed.

10. Little did I know then that it would take an average Joe 2weeks to become very successful and have personal long-lasting success in currency trading.

11. Little did I know then that it would only take a profitable CashForex Trading system to guarantee anyone, anyone I say personal long-lasting success in currency market trading.

12. Little did I know then that the big dogs spend their time reading only 2 forex market trading books written and published by Dani Oh the only 2weeks success guarantee active trader and coach of all time.

13. Little did I know then that anyone can become successful as a currency trader of all time just within 2weeks period.

14. Little did I know then that all of the above holds true till date.






I want to see you succeed in life and at trading.

Talk To You Soon And See You Inside,

Dani Oh,

European Session Pip Earner And Coach

Helping You Financially

At will, remember success in life does not depend on your skin color




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