Traders Wrong Mindset And Mind Viruses That Can Be Changed For Maximum Result And Productivity As A Currency Trader


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You see, a lot of people want to make the most cashcows there is when it comes to currency market trading; even the majority of newbie’s are looking for ways to make the most pips when it comes to currency market trading.

But what I actually want to know is this, why are there so much knowledgeable wannabe’s, and lots of traders with vast information about currency market trading yet, little or nothing can be show for it?

It breaks my heart when I see lots and lots of new beginners being lied to by most self professed gurus all over the free Forex trading forums, most forex blog sites and facebook fan pages are not left unspoken of when it comes down to this same issue.

I want to let the cats out but day in and day out these same people struggled but tend to believe the most lies and conspiracies made for the mass majority of people who will never succeed in the currency market trading no matter who they do, I say this because the odds are set against them.

The odds can be set against you without you knowing about it, let alone doing something positive to change it. (My CashForex Portfolio Trading Book)


Here and right now, I will be naming few mindset viruses that I believed that has be holding many currency traders down and until these wrong mindset or mind viruses are change, nothing I mean nothing can change for good.


1. Seeking for a free profitable currency market trading tools.

2. Seeking for a free truth revealed currency market trading book.

3. Seeking for a Holy Grail currency trading system.

4. Seeking for a push button magic currency market trading system.

5. Seeking to know too much about currency market trading.

6. Seeking to know more and more information about currency market trading.

7. Believing that there is someting call overbought and oversold in forex market trading.

8. Believing that price action fairytales controls the currency market.

9. Believing that without a proven system they can make it in this trading business.

10. Believing that when a trading system fails it means it doesn’t work.

11. Believing that they cannot make it to the top of the leader in life.

12. Believing that there is something great for nothing.

13. Believing that there shouldn’t be losing in their trading.

14. Believing that entry point is more important than exit point.

15. Believing that take profit is more important than stop loss.

16. Believing that trading more than 3 pairs is their only success key.

17. Believing that investing in their currency trading system is a waste of resources.

18. Believing that learning on their own is the only secret key way to go.

19. Believing that hiring a currency market trading mentor is a waste of money.

20. Believing that losing is not part of the currency market trading game.


You see, I can go on and on as a currency market trading mentor and leader in this awesome financial trading industry, but you know what?

I will let the sleeping dog be down for a peace of its mind.

For me, getting a proven profitable currency market trading mentor and having a profitable proven currency trading system might be the only stumbling block between these unbelivers and their personal success in currency market trading.


No single free forum will tell them these honest currency market trading truth, but you know why?

Because most of the so called leaders of these free forums themselves know not, because it is said, bird of the same feather flock together.


Success breeds success and so does failure breeds failure.

If you’re a currency market trader or someone wanting to go into currency market trading, I suggest that you don’t practice any of the above wrong traders mindset or mind viruses holding these unbelievers back for your own financial sake and good.

I suggest you do exactly opposite of the few things I listed out here that the most traders do on a regular basis, yet crying and seeking why they are called the 90% traders that struggle to be profitable in currency market trading, despite their too much knowledge and everyday information over load.

Thank you for reading through my post suggestion because I believe that proper good information that is applied is the key to personal long lasting success even in currency market trading. (My Strategic Rules Trading Book)






I want to see you succeed in life and at trading.

Talk To You Soon And See You Inside,

Dani Oh,

European Session Pip Earner And Coach

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