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I’m about to give you the only Forex Book left for Anyone, Beginner Or Frustrated Trader to get rich online Trading Forex Market.

Now “rich” is all relative of course – maybe rich for you means an extra $50 a day, an extra $500 a day or even an extra $1000 a day?

Either way – The Forex Books you’re about to get your hands on WORKS, Exceptional and has Hidden Truth inside.




Even the wealthiest traders maintain the lowest profiles! They were your average person before they became traders. They were just like you. They were somewhat lost before that little seed of a trader’s dream was planted deep inside their heart.

It was only when they had the courage to water and nurture it that their life’s dreams came true! Remember, we miss 100% of the shots we don’t take!

I feel sorry for the person who gets up each day and is unable to get really excited about their work. Not only will they never be satisfied, but they will also never achieve anything worthwhile.

I feel even more sorry for any person that does not have a dream because the end result is that 97% of all of those people will arrive at their retirement age flat broke.




Trading is a game of probabilities.

Imagine we’re flipping a coin, heads I win one dollar, tails you win one dollar.


Heads and tails will each come up half the time and we’ll both neither win or lose.

However unknown to me, you have a loaded coin. For every 100 throws, heads come up 49times and tails come up 51 times.

You now have a license to print money. Let’s call it the ‘’Tails Trading System’’

All you have to do is sit back and bet on tails forever.

Eventually, you’d win all my money (and anyone else’s who took you on).

All any trading system gives you is an ‘’edge’’ a favorable bias, something that is more likely to happen than not, whatever trading system you use.



CashForex Bullbear, CashForex Trend, CashForex SupportResistance, CashForex Pipup And CashForex Band…

… you are relying on a positive bias, essentially the trading system is saying ‘’when  ‘’x’’ happens … ‘’y’’ usually follows’’

Sometimes it doesn’t most of the time it does, and all your trading system does is to help you identify high probability trades, you enter then correctly and protect yourself while allowing your profits to grow.

Now some trading systems are better than others but don’t get caught up in the search for the perfect system. You know the trader’s nirvana,…the exclusive ‘’Holy Grail’’ the system that delivers profits on demand and never, ever gets it wrong.


Find a trading system that you like, one you feel comfortable with, one you understand.


Then stick with it, be consistent…

A cool, disciplined trader will take an average system and make money with it, while a nervous, arbitrary trader will take a brilliant system and wreck it.

All traders have ‘’good’’ days and ‘’bad’’ days. Some days you’ll make small profits other days you’ll make small loses. And once or twice a month, on average you’ll make big profits. That’s how you make money as a trader. It’s not 9 to 5.

Now the problem is, you never know when the big trades are due to arrive. Like ”our Tails Trading System’’ above, the one time you don’t take the trade is exactly the time the market takes off and never looks back.

You must see the big picture, realize that the current trade is only one of many, and on that basis, the current trade hardly matters. It’s like a piece of plankton in a very large ocean.

Trading is all about managing risk and then surrendering yourself to the oldest law in the universe: the ancient law of probability’’.




You May Ask Me, Dear Friend!

Your job as a trader is to follow a trading plan and who’s going to write this trading plan? You are of course. Notice the word ‘’write’’. It needs to be written down, on your trading desk, in front of you but at some point, I can help you out if you ask.

Now your trading plan must have ‘’Three Parts’’ (SETUP, ENTRY, AND EXIT) obviously it’s beyond the scope of this page to provide details on the specific trading system as there are literally hundreds of them! However, we do feature them in our coaching classes and programs.

The point is that a trading plan covers every eventuality. You know what to look for in the market when to get into a trade and more importantly when to get out.


Just keep it simple.

Then follow it, religiously as an obedient steward in your career.

So what next my dear friend,

You said you want to be a Forex trader? Do You Still Want To Be A Forex Trader…?






CashForex Portfolio

Trading Book”


The Only Complete Portfolio Book Left For Any Beginner Or Proficient Trader To Become Successful In Forex Trading In 24hours Or Less, Even If You Have No Experience, No Special Skills Or You’re So Frustrated To Quit… 

Your Benefits, What You Will Learn And Discover As A Forex Trader From Now 


1. FX EXCHANGE: Understanding the history of foreign exchange and why you should trade Forex  

2. YOUR KEY TOOLS: Understanding what tools you need to start making money today as a Forex trader

3. MAJOR CURRENCIES: You will discover the major Forex currencies to focus on and the ones to avoid if you must be successful in your trading.

4. EUROPEAN BODIES: You will learn and discover the four Europeans bodies and your trading strategies.

5. FUNDAMENTAL INDICATORS: You will discover the major fundamental indicators affecting the Forex market.

6. MARKET ANALYSIS: You will discover how to start making money by analyzing the Forex market technically.

7. TRADING DESK: You will discover why your personal trading desk affect how you trade and your money making.

8. TRADING TOOLS: I will show you five important trading tools you need as a Forex trader.

9. TECHNICAL INDICATORS: Understanding how to use Forex indicators everyone uses differently.

10. MIND GAME: Understanding how to use Forex indicators no one uses to make trading profits.

11. TRADE MIND: You will understand how to make money by minding your trading language.

12. YOUR THINKING: You will discover how you don’t think money, but think the point.

13. TRADE EMOTIONS: You will discover how to overcome your personal fear, emotions and start making more in your trade starting today.

14. TRADE TIME FRAME: You will discover the 2 most profitable time frames every Forex professional uses.

15. TRADE DAYS: You discover the most profitable days and days to avoid as a Forex trader.

16. TRADE PSYCHOLOGY: You will discover how to destroy your 4 psychological Forex enemies stopping you from making trades profits today.

17. UNIQUE TOOLS: I will show you how to use an average trading tool, indicator to make an outstanding profit starting now.

18. YOUR SUCCESS MAP: Understanding how you can be your own boss trading the world largest financial market of all time.

19. YOUR TRADE ENEMIES: I will show you your 8 Forex trading enemies, personal attitude, and character holding you back from making profitable trades as a trader.

And Much More You Will Discover In This Book By Yourself That I Didn’t Mention.





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