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Hello, Dani Oh Here


I just wanted to quickly and happily say thank you for stopping by and taking a look at, and tell you a little bit about myself and what I can do for you.


So let’s get into it! 


A Little Bit About Myself…

I’m a professional Forex market trader, Investor and Mentor, but I love Online Marketing also.


I’m a huge Sports fan and it made up a lot of my life growing up.


I love Writing, Playing Analytical Games, Snooker and most of all Chess.


I have spent 2years of my life in Italy Trading the Forex and Stock Market with YesFx Company.


This lovely career I have done for more than 5 years and I tell you it has been a successful journey but now I have got a Beautiful Spouse as a Wife while living in the Netherlands Presently. 


Discovering Why Personal Freedom Is The Secret To Health And Success.

This Is My Career Discovery Journey To Italy, Quite difference from were I grew up, but I enjoy it.

I love to spend time with my family.


We enjoy travelling all over the world and seeing different things together.


Below are just a few pictures of some of the places we have been.


Happily my work allows me to do this…

my journey

Traveling Abroad, Having Fun And Meeting New People And Friends While Trading Forex And Doing My Online Marketing… Great Financial Opportunities.

mentor fx

There Is Nothing Like Having Your Own Personal Financial Attitude And Freedom, Doing What You Love.

I started Online Forex Trading in late 2010 when I couldn’t continue with the job I got after my Graduation from the University while As an Environmental Engineer and I needed income to support my Internet Marketing and Day to Day activities and I have been hooked ever since.


I can say that my online Forex Trading work has paid off, although it wasn’t always like this because there have been many bumps along the way I must admit and say (LIKE BLOWING UP) my personal Forex account more than 3 times in a year, but then things keep getting better and better.


I love the freedom that being an online Forex Trading brings me along with my Internet Marketing, the challenge of trying to stay ahead of other people in the industry.


I got my start in Online Forex Trading, reading other people’s Forex market books, guides, news, and products.


It was good to me, so I decided to test the waters of Forex Demo Trading.


If you can name it, I have tried it when it comes to online Forex Trading setups, plans, strategies, and systems, but I always find my way back to the tried and true methods and systems that work and had worked overtime.

My Goal is to welcome the Unsuccessful and Unemployed, Develop them and Empower them to their world through “BE YOUR OWN BOSS” CashForex Trading System programs, therefore teaching them to make use of their God giving ability and talents in creating wealth.


I also use both fundamental and technical methods in my analysis to produce software that will meet anyone’s expectations.

My mission is to Encourage and provide my readers and clients with a great opportunity for their time and money by generating  CASHCOWS’ through CashForex Trading System.


I do have a reliable and profitable source of real net Income based on the World Financial Market, Information Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and Virtual Real Estate Management.


Anyone can be Empowered financially and ‘‘Be Empowered’’ through CashForex Trading System.


As we see it, is providing traders with instruments for self-actualization, the incredibly powerful mechanisms that would allow attaining personal financial goals.


I follow a simple idea– ”You should enjoy Trading because It should be A PLEASURE THAT BRINGS YOU MONEY”

Dani Oh, provide safe Personal Financial Empowerment programs like Forex Market and Stock Market Trading, Information Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and Virtual Real Estate Management, through books, seminars, and public forums.


So, you are already on my page and now I would like to share with you the most important three things:


Why??? Because at some point someone else has helped me, so I will be happy to share my experience, reveal some of my Forex trading secrets and give you my advice on Forex market and stock market trading.


My fellow members receive a lot of useful information for FREE.


My CashForex Free Gift that will help you understand essential principles of currency and stock trading is my first welcoming gift to you when you join me today.


Even experienced traders will find some interesting tips in here.


If you are willing to make an effort you will make big money on Forex and stock using the products offered on my website and spending some time to learn Forex market and stock market you would be able to become successful in your Forex market trading.

Here at DaniOh.Com, I do everything that I can to provide readers with information regarding Online Forex Trading, which includes HONEST Product Reviews, and Setup Tips and Tricks, Strategies, Plans, Methods And Systems that you can take into action directly after reading any post or page here.


This is an Online Forex Trading How To site and will stick to that topic and that topic only.


I would be doing you a disservice if I was just another person out there contributing to information overload in Online Forex Trading.


I am a straight shooter and will tell you like it is, and not try to butter you up with what you want to hear. 


The reason for that is because that is what someone did to me when I first got started, and it didn’t help me at all!


I am here to help because your success means my success TOO.


My goal is to create a one-stop Online Forex Trading site that you can come to and get all the information that you have ever dreamed of having and giving you the direct route to success with Online Forex Trading.

Have You Tried Online Forex Trading Before?


Are You Currently Making Any Money In Your Online Forex Trading?


Do You Have Your Own Personal Forex Brokerage Account?


Are You Interested In Learning How To Develop Your Own Trading System?

Do You Know That Online Forex Trading Is The Easiest Way To Make Money Online?

What Do You Find The Hardest About Online Forex Trading?

Would You Rather Learn On Your Own Through Hard Ways? Or Have A Shortcut To Trading Success?

Do You Like Done For You Forex Trading Setups, Plans, And System Solutions?

Do You Love Hard Work Or Rather Doing It Yourself Blowing Up More Forex Trading Accounts?

Let’s Make More Pips Together In 2019 And Beyond Starting Now!!



Talk To You Soon And See You Inside,

Dani Oh,

Best 2Weeks Forex Success Mentor

Helping You Financially

Author: CashForex Non-Repaint Supply And Demand Trading System

Author: CashForex Portfolio Trading Book

Author: Strategic Breakthroughs In Forex Trading Book




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