The First 5 Currency Trading Question I Was Asked By My Mentor- 10 Points That Can Help Anyone Beginner To Succeed In Currency Trading Career



Hello, Dani Oh here and I believe you have been getting lots and lots of valued currency trading information here, all I can say to you is keep visiting and keep the fire alive as a currency trader.

So that being said, first, it all depends on the trading system you’re currently using but then I would pretend you’re using the same trading system that I use to guarantee anyone personal long-lasting success with 98% guaranteed success rate within 2weeks period.


1. As a currency trader can you call an open buy or sell trade a profitable or non-profitable while it is still open? What do you say on this trading topic? 


2. What are the major problems of a currency trading system built upon personal emotions?


3. Before going live as an active currency trader, how would you know that your currency trading system will be profitable?


4. As an active currency trader, which factors make up your profitable currency trading system?


5. Which of these do you call a profitable Trade as a currency trader?

a. An open buy trade with a 75pips in profits?

b. An Exited buy trade with a 3pips profits?

c. An Exited sell trade with a 7pips profit due to Stop loss (ORO)?


My 10 Personal Trading Points That Can Help Anyone Beginner To Succeed In Currency Trading Career And The Rest Points Would Be Kept For The Interested Student After This. Smiso Mazibuko

1. Use a good trading platform meaning using a good currency broker.

2. Invest in low cheap spread assets because I see a lot of people with low capital trading assets pairs of 10pips to 20pips which is even crazier,

3. Start with one or the best two cheap pairs there is which are Eur/Usd and Usd/Chf and the next if need be is Usd/Jpy, etc.

4. Start with a low lot size, risking nothing more than 2% of your capital in a single trade,

5. Use a good Sl and Tp according to your proven trading system and plan,

6. Clean up yourself, your personal trading mindset as a trader with which comes from a well-proven trading system or your already trading system,

7. Have a good money management to reduce capital risk and especially work on your personal trading emotions with which are 9 in number in my basic class 1,

8. Have a good personal trading motivational guide from your mentor regarding your proven trading system because this is basic for every good trading system,

9. Stay around profitable traders and stay away from those who seek free success knowledge and free downloadable trading tools to make millions in a single trading day.

10. Always get in touch with your mentor or coach because there might be something new he has learned over the week so you can stay ahead.


But finally, have a proven profitable trading system which comes with everything needed to make an Investor successful and guarantees personal long-lasting success.

The rest points and needful factors are kept for the interested persons serious about their personal success and wish to succeed within 2weeks period.


Finally, I want you to remember that your loss is not a mistake or accidental, it is an intentional act from you as a currency trader, it is simply because you are still using the mass currency trading tools and materials made for the masses trades mistakes.

You can continue struggling until you take my word for it and make a change for once.

I hope these points here can help you or anyone that is already involved in currency trading or investing to be redirected from a wrong trading track road.


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I want to see you succeed in life and at trading.

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