Tickmill Forex Market Broker- How I Turned A Free Funded $30 Forex Account Into $260 In Less Than 30days


Hello, Dani Oh Here, you see Forex market trading is actually a great free way to make decent money from the internet. You won’t believe that I actually got into forex market trading career, let alone believing that I can turn a free $30 to over $260 in less than 30days.

So this post is about how (How I Turned A Free Funded $30 Forex Account Into $260 In Less Than 30days And Lost It Simply Because Of IP)


So how did it all happen?

You might want to know. I got this free already funded $30 account from (Thickmill Forex broker) actually a friend told me about them, so I decided to check them out by testing their water but then what did I gave them after my account sign up was simply my personal documents for account verification so I could test the broker’s water if they’re real to trade with.

This is the real purpose of trying them out not solely on this free $30 funded account.

But my dear forex trader, you see all I could say is, it did actually work out, so if you’re a Forex market trader but have no money to fund your trading account but looking for a simple way to get free $30 account trading help, then I got some good news for you today.


Do you have a great trading system?

Do you have a great trading plan?

If you want to learn how to begin trading the Forex market with 2weeks (Click Here To Register Today) Then you could make your dream come true from now on as I did.


So Who Is Tickmill?

 Tickmill is a financial Forex market broker, who is regulated and broker that I have tested their Forex trading platform, their customer service, their order form of execution and etc.

Tickmill Forex market broker, are they real and true about who they said they are?

So many things they have claimed to be and have, but who are they to lots and lots of Forex market traders around the world?

These are the claim and benefits, offers and transparencies of Tickmill that makes them different from other Forex market brokers around the world.

Yes, they have this free no deposit $30 Forex account which you or anyone can sign up for and start trading the Forex market immediately.

No waiting and no protocol attached to this offer, except depositing the same exact amount of money or equivalent to your earn profit before you would be able to withdraw the earned profits from Tickmill Forex market broker.

For me what is the first rule in choosing a great Forex market broker from so-called many out there?

Register and fund your first personal Forex market account with a Forex market broker whom someone you knew has had a great Forex trading experience with, please do not reinvent the Forex market broker searching wheel.

Don’t do this because it would set you up for Forex market failure and broker search information overload or cause you more personal financial loss and account issue especially when it comes down to trade profits withdrawal.

Learn to use a Forex market broker someone you know has used in the past or is currently using, this simply advise could serve you lots and lots of personal trading stress, not being able to contact customer support or make a profits withdrawal from your Forex market account. (Read More About My CashForex Portfolio Trading Book Here)


You can’t deal with a Forex market broker who is not regulated, one you don’t know their financial office location and who you know nothing about.

For me, there are lots and lots of Forex market brokers out there, especially everywhere on the internet, but becoming a victim to this wouldn’t be something you would want or like to experience when there is money issue involved.

Use Tickmill or don’t use Tickmill? Are they great or not?

For me personally, I have used Tickmill for more than 3months now, simply because of the free $30 funded account, but then this is my first and foremost Forex market broker that I had a large trading account with (My First Forex Trading Account Broker).

I had one Forex trading account with Tickmill, one that I finally opened so I could transfer my earned profits from my free $30 funded account which I had to trade for only 90days maximum allowed from the day of registration.

For you to choose a Forex market broker, it’s simply advisable to consider looking into some of my personal concern factors.


1. Spillage issues

2. Swap issues

3. Spread issues

4. Commissions issues

5. Withdrawal issues

6. Customer service issues

7. Order requote issues

8. Funding issues

9. Trade execution issues

10. Brokerage reputation issues

11. Trade report transparent issues

12. Personal and clients experience issues

Furthermore, from my first post, you can also read more 5 Tips on how to choose a Forex market broker (Read More About It Here).

Finally, I know you’re waiting to ask if I did withdraw the profits made from the free $30 funded account, Right:

 Maybe or maybe not!

Was the profit given to me, was I allowed to withdraw the profits made from this account?

My simple answer to this is a ‘’CAPITAL NO’’


(Read About My Strategic Breakthroughs Forex Trading Book Here)

The SIMPLE CONCLUSION REPLY received from Tickmill customer support department was that there was an IP interference associated with another account of mine.

So you see my Forex market trading friend, this is actually free money, or rather free $30 funded account.

So I couldn’t sue them for this simple reason.

(Take Look At My Free $30 Result Prove Here) and also take a simple look at (My Real Personal Funded Account)



Should I endorse Tickmill Forex market broker as a great forex market broker?

My simple advice would be this, read again my previous post on how to select or choose a great Forex market broker from so many out there.

(Read More Here)

Do this SIMPLE THING, so you could make a better personal judgment based on your personality, attitude and wants.

For me, I did actually fund my own personal account by making a personal cash transfer from my personal bank account to my Forex trading account with Tickmill Forex market broker.

So with this link you would have the opportunity to get your own (FREE $30 FUNDED TRADING ACCOUNT) which you can transfer into another Tickmill new verified live Forex market account, this will then turn out to be your one and only live trading account with Tickmill Forex market broker after the offer 90days trading period.

Try them out, maybe your experience might be different from mine to convince you to remain with them as I did myself, but before you do get your hands on my 

(The Only Guaranteed 2Weeks Forex Trading Coaching Left For Any Beginner To Become Successful In Forex Market Trading) period.





Talk To You Soon And See You Inside,

Wishing You Forex Market Broker Choice Success Ahead,

Dani Oh,

European Session Pip Earner And Coach

Helping You Financially


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