Forex Mentor Currency Trading Course- Success In Life Is Not A Fantasy, It Is A Formula


Today I want to share with you how you can make a difference in your Forex market trading career by getting a great result oriented coach today.

You see success in life is not a fantasy; it is a formula.

Successful Forex traders who can become your Forex trading mentor today have discovered a formula that works in their area of expertise.

Their daily focus is to be disciplined to that formula.

For me, Forex trading mentors have learned how to think accurately from their past experiences of trial and error.

They are very clear on how to separate facts from mere information.

They have learned which facts are important and which facts are unimportant to their continued success.

For me, Forex trading mentors have already made the mistakes and are skilled in not repeating them.

For me, they are a brain you can pick, an ear to bend, and a person who can push you in the right direction.

They are someone whose hindsight can work hugely to your advantage in creating your foresight.

I discovered the greatest reward in choosing a Forex trading mentor is the fact that you get to learn from their mistakes rather than making them yourself.

If you were to ask a true Forex trading mentor, “What is the first step in learning and finding the fastest, most productive way of doing something and the truth of how things work?”

I expect they would answer by saying, “The first step is to talk less, listen more and stay humble.”

If you were to ask them about the second step, they would say, “Talk less, listen more and stay humble.”

Chances are they would even respond the same to the third step.

Good mentors know what works and what doesn’t.

Furthermore, they don’t think they know everything so they humble themselves in order to learn from others.

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So my friend a true mentor will not allow you to dig holes with a shovel.

Instead, they will introduce you to a backhoe.

You will make a big mistake in your financial life if you start something new and refuse to find a mentor.


Excitement And Logic May Get You From Point A To Point B, But A Mentor Will Take You Where You Need To Go

Think for a second. Think of the most successful person you know.

Do they have two arms and two legs?

Do they have two eyes and a mouth?

Do they need to eat when they get hungry and sleep when they get tired, just like you do? Of course, they do.

Then what is the difference between yourself and them?

It is their skills, their knowledge, their disciplines and their talent of repetitive patterns of thought, feeling, and action.

Trust me, you will achieve success much faster if you can find a mentor and make an effort to learn from them.


Not Finding A Mentor Can Dramatically Hold You Back From Achieving What You Want Out Of Life

A mentor is a person you look up to.

They are a person you respect.

They are a person you want to be like.

They are a person that is an expert in the area you want to sharpen your skills in.

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If you want to be a better father, go find another father that you admire.

A father that makes you say to yourself, “Boy, I would like to be a father to my children just like that!”

Do three things:

Get to know them, study them, and do exactly what they do.

Do the same thing if you want to be a good spouse, a good friend, and even a good trader.

 Finding a mentor in your life is like acquiring a map to a gold mine.

Rather than going up to the mountain kicking over rocks, wasting time for who knows how long, looking for that vein that leads to the mother lode you buy a map that specifically shows you where the beginning vein is that leads to the mother lode which accelerates your potential immediately.

This is the power of a Forex mentor. (Sign up For My 2Weeks Forex Coaching Program Today) and start trading profitably.






Talk To You Soon And See You Inside,

Dani Oh,

European Session Pip Earner And Coach

Helping You Financially

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