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Online Currency Trading- The Reasons Why Most Traders Fail In Their Online Currency Trading Journey

  Hey Dani here, and I have lots and lots of awesome stuff to share with you today, things related to online currency trading, the reasons why most traders fail in their Online currency trading journey and in series there are… 1. Personal Emotion. 2. The Fight For The Money. 3. The Lack Of Proper Mentorship. 4. The Search For Free Profitable Trading System. 5. The Inability To Accept Personal Responsibility But Blame External Factors.

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Discipline In Forex Market Trading- Trading With Responsibility

  Life is not ready to usher you into a brighter feature if you’re not ready to burn your bridges to go through stages and different spheres of life development. It is easier for the Carmel to go through the eye of the needle than a rich man to go into the kingdom of God.   Really, really, are you serious? Anyway, I learned this lesson from the bible as a little child, Jesus telling the man. […]

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